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Katie Lyons is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. where she majored in English Literature and minored in Graphic Design & Photography.  She was a four year varsity athlete for soccer in high school and did four years of collegiate dance team.  She started the FCA huddle at Annapolis Area Christian School her freshman year and continued to be involved with FCA Power Camps during college.  Interned from July-December of 2013.

 Tim Lyons is finishing his senior year at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL and is majoring in Communication.  Tim was All American, All Conference, and All County as a kicker for Annapolis Area Christian School's football team.  He went on to play for Wheaton College Football Team for three seasons.  He was a huddle leader for the Annapolis Area Christian School during high school and continued to be involved with FCA Power Camps during college.  Interned from June-August of 2013.

Stephanie Homontowski attended Moody Bible Institute and received her BA in Sports Ministry.  She played basketball for Moody and was blessed enough to become a 1st Team All American for the D2 NCCAA.  She has always loved sports, and to reach people for Christ through the avenue of sports is her passion. She was involved in FCA throughout high school and also had the opportunity to work with FCA in India.  She has seen the impact that FCA has on athletes in many areas of the world, and it is something she is excited and privileged to be a part of.  Interned from June-August of 2013

Calling All College Athletes!

If you live in the Central MD area and would like to intern with FCA for a summer, please contact Mike McMahon at  For more information about internships or to apply for an internship check out the Internship page.