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 MD Bay Area FCA Board

In a broad definition, the role of the Leadership Board is to work with the FCA director and staff to increase capacity and expand the work of FCA in their region.  Their primary function is to provide local leadership in implementing the already established vision, mission and programs of FCA within ministry policies and guidelines. The longevity, stability and leadership of an area FCA ministry rests in the hands of a healthy, involved local Leadership Board. Their steady guidance, support, encouragement and involvement on the local level creates a strong foundation to build and sustain a ministry over decades.

Key Areas in the Role of the Leadership Board




Ensure goals and plans are consistent with FCA vision, mission and values

- Together with staff, establish a strategic plan for the FCA ministry


- Advise in financial matters

- Monitor financial performance by reviewing monthly financial reports

- Approval budgets and review monthly financials


- Work with director to establish funding goals

- Annually provide financial support to FCA

- Lead events/initiatives

- Church Partner and Foundation Recruitment

Support FCA Ministry

- Assist area director in hiring staff

- Encourage and support area director/staff

- Pray for ministry, staff, volunteers


- Recruit potential new board members and volunteers

- Build the public awareness of the FCA ministry

- Recruit new Home Team donors


- Active involvement in one or more Board/Committees

- Attend Board Meetings and actively participate

- Participate/support all fundraising events

MD Bay Area FCA Board Members


Duante Duckett