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Capturing the Heart of an Athlete

Coaching in 3 Dimensions

Being a 3-dimensional coach means that you are 1) fundamentally sound; 2) skilled at coaching the mind/motivation of the athlete and most importantly 3) focused on capturing and developing the heart of the player.

One significant justification for sports participation is that it builds character. This presumption has become one of the unquestioned truisms of sports. The results are in: The longer an athlete participates in competitive sports the less they make good moral decisions. We spend our time coaching tactics and technique, we also need a game plan to coach for character and significance. In our time together we will discuss philosophically, spiritually and very practically what can be done to seize the great opportunity to use the incredibly powerful position of “coach” to positively shape the total athlete.

Topics Addressed

• 3 Dimensional Coaching Pyramid

• Coaching the Heart for Character and Significance
• Transactional vs. Transformational Coaching
• Creating and directing difficult situations toward a positive outcome.
• Understanding the formula for change as it applies to coaching and programs. &

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"One Coach will influence more people in one year than most people will in a lifetime."